Champion Island // cluster-1

Champion Ragnarok // Cluster-1

Champion Events!

Everyone can join the Champion events and win nice prizes! Checkout for example this amazing video, made by Ishwari, while competing in the Manta Race event!

On the event forum you can find when the next event is or organise your own event!

What you should know about Champion ARK

It's a friendly and growing ARK:Survival Evolved community where most people help others where possible.
And every now and then they group up to hunt down some bad guys...

Excellent support

When you have questions or in need of some assistance, you can easily contact our helpdesk via e-mail.

There also is a special support section on the forum »

Automated donation rewards

No more waiting for admins to come online...

Donating will get you tokens, which you can trade with other players for their services or you can order something cool from the reward shop!

Smart updates

New update available? You'll get multiple in-game notifications up to 1 hour in advance about it.

Sudden disconnects are history.

Champion Streamers

Are you a streamer or interested in streaming? Add your username and start streaming!


Fresh survivors

Online players

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