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Dear Champions!

Today Mariska and I discussed the replacements and the rapid increase in tickets we receive. To prevent the helpdesk from flooding, we're going to setup some guidelines, so everyone can check if their lost item/dino is up for replacement. We have to draw a line somewhere, to make sure we can continue providing quality service with the ongoing growth and the increase in tickets that comes from that.
This will make it easier for both you and us.

Note If you're leaving base with your dino/items, you should consider you're entering "battlegrounds". Enemy tribes can attack you or your dino can get stuck somewhere. If you don't want your dino to die or lose your items, we advice you to keep it locked away.

All requests are checked for facts. Please provide as much info as you can with the ticket, so we can help you swiftly.

Subject for replacement / assistance

  • Dino vanished with no trace in the logs (subject for replacement)
  • Weird bug forced you in the wrong tribe and you got shot by your own turrets (subject for replacement)
  • Dino spawned in your closed-off base and killed dino's (subject for replacement)
  • Dino is stuck to un-removable object (subject for assistance, it really depends on the situation)

No subject for replacement / assistance

  • Dino stuck to removable object
  • Dino stuck to un-removable object and it died
  • Dino tamed when it was stuck
  • Lost dinos/items items due to disconnect/lag

If you're in doubt, please feel free to contact the helpdesk and provide as much details as possible!

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