Looking For Active EU players

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As the title says I'm looking for soem active EU players to either join Estrada or to make an allaince with. Currently I'm looking to start end game content which is ok at the weekends as my other tribe mates are from the US timezones, but for most of the day I'm alone, this is where the problem arises. It takes me so long to farm the stuff to do say a hard cave, that when I die I need to spend the rest of the day farming mats again or trying to get my gear back.

So it would be great to have some like minded people to play with and reduce the risk of dying so much. (Also it would mean we have more people on the server....not sure if everyone is getting bored with Ark again) If anyone is intrested let me know.

Marky out!
PS Its on Aberration ;)

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Sorry man, US here

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Even with us on we still die alot :) Sorry we can't be on earlier, but if you need anything send me a message because when you guys aren't on I just mess around and dont do anything productive :P