Boat race (17 September)

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Hi Champions!

This weekend we are going to organize a new event! And everyone is welcome to join!
Because of the fresh setup with the mods we thought let's make use of it. The mod Advanced rafts has some nice boats and one small but super fast wooden one! We are going to create a fun race track on the Ragnarok server and race against each other with those boats!

How about Island
Everyone is welcome to join so if you play on Island just travel with your character to Ragnarok to join this event! You can also choose to create a fresh character on Ragnarok, that is up to you.

How to get to the event?
We are going to create the race track at the community area. To get here you can use the teleport pad placed next to each obelisk. Just hold E then click on teleport and go to 'Tri Towers'.

Do I have to bring anything?

Price: Taming pack

  • First place: Longneck and 150 tranq darts
  • Second place: Longneck and 100 tranq darts
  • Third place: Longneck and 50 tranq darts

The event will start at

  • Sunday 19:00 CEST
  • Sunday 13:00 EDT

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  • The green square is the Community Area where we'll meet
  • The Yellow line in the start
  • Then 3 times around the large island
  • And the finish is black and white

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As it's the weekend, and I already started gathering yesterday, I am gonna set about creating the Need-Want tonight and tomorrow ready for mondays race.

I'm gonna be moving about quiet a bit, but I'll announce when i'm using a teleport pad (As last week I had an incident of someone else using one and I lost my dino).

Hopefully see some of you at the race!

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Hey Trilaac, That sounds great about the Need-Want. Just an FYI though, the race is Sunday.