Fourth Public SotF event: 8 October!

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Because of storm Irma we have a little delay in organizing this event, but October 8 we are going to start again!

Curious about the first 3 events?! Check them out here with full comments:

Last time the server performance was a lot better! We found a server setting that resulted in almost no lag at all. So tell everyone you know that quit because of this that the performance of the server is better!

8 October- Public SotF Event (2-vs-2)!

  • Sunday 19:00 CEST
  • Sunday 13:00 EDT
  • Monday 02:30 ACST

Agenda for the Public SotF events:
We think this SotF event is a lot of fun so we would like to start making this a planned event. We are going to organize this public SotF event every full first weekend of the month!

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Mariska - Event organiser - Server sponsor

Special thanks to:
4's SOTF! -
ShipWrekt SotF Tournaments -
ARK SOTF #LoBBy1800 -

How to find the server

  • We'll have the server ready around 30 min before the first round
  • Look at the unofficial server list
  • Look for the server with 'ROUND 1' in it's name and join