Obelisk Timers

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing great! I wanted to touch on the subject of obelisk timers for stored dinos and items. I realize that The obelisk is not and should not be used as a storage for dinos and items as that would make it an unfair way to have all of your dinos ready to be transfered at a moments notice and a place to store all the things you dont want stolen, and part of the reality is that ark is dangerous.

However I think that having the timer be at least 48 hours would be very benificial and here is why:

1.) Get ready for boss fights easier, no one likes to spend forever moving over 15 rexes all the way to the obby and we all know the follow command is secret ark code for "get stuck on every rock and tree that you find.".

2.) When traveling between servers I know we have spawned in at a bed only to forget the transport dino we used to travel to the obby on the other server and boom they are forever gone to the ark gods if you dont get on in 24 hours and download them.

Its not the greatest change ever and maybe not the most game breaking but it would allow some more leway when it comes to moving amongst the cluster of servers, thoughts?

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Hello Ruben,

I did some research on the timer mechanism for obelisks which turned out to be fruitless as WildCard probally hardcoded this within their system. The thing is that I came up with the idea: "what if people could store a set amount of dino's for a longer, if not unlimited time?" This would greatly reduce server load. But again, this is not ( yet ) possibile.

Do not worry though since we have the Tek Transmitter Which will take some time to obtain but it surely adds to the challenge of the game.

Then at last, I am pretty sure you already knew of the Tek Transmitter, all I tried to do is give a different perspective on the matter, since oh boy I would love a setting to alter the timer on the obelisks ;)

P.S. Did you know you could even build a waterpen in some pond and download/upload your water creatures there? Imagine your river/land base being defended by eels! :D

Kind regards, NLBlackEagle

Scrap the above

I just found a metod, I am sure I did some thorougly research :O

@Max, @Mariska


Note: Set to 0 for unlimited ( Needs testing, not confirmed! ) And I do suggest putting up a poll for this so that all the championark survivors have a say in this. Here are the cons and pro's:


  • Dino's wont need feeding since their uploaded
  • Server load will be less since dino's are stored in file formats
  • Less base lagg overall.
  • Easier transport mentioned by Ruben
  • People need less room for dino's, on a small scale per tribe but huge if you count all the tribes and additional structures. Again: Farewell base-lagg and maybe even rubberbanding!


  • Assesement enemy tribe is going to be a bit harder when it comes to strength ( Minor, since tribes can hide their dino's anyway )
  • WildCard will ( later on ) introduce an structure that can store dino's into data formats. This may become too overpowered in combination with the unlimited obelisk time that may be implemented. But when it does you can simply put the timer back on. ( Handy to notify players before unlimited time is even implemented so they wont be stepped on their toes when the function withdraws from ChampionArk. )

With this discovery I also refer back to the subject: [ Extra Suggestion - Unlimited time & upload limit: 100 ]

Thanks alot for this topic @Ruben, I wouldnt have discovered this if you wouldnt have posted it, now all we can do is pray for less base lagg due to less dinos and such :D

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Hey Ruben!

Thank you for your suggestion!
And NLBlackEagle for your research!

At the moment we can't set the timer on 0, our shop delivery system only works with an empty tribute inventory. If you store lets say 30 dinos in there you all need to download them in order to have your package delivered.

To make the timer longer is something we haven't considered yet. We'll make sure to discuss this and let you know what we think :)
There is a lot going on to discuss at the moment so it can maybe take a bit longer than normal.

"get stuck on every rock and tree that you find."

P.s.I never did a boss fight but I can imagine the frustration haha

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So to get this straight, what if we where to transfer an dino to SE ( scorched earth ) and order an package, would this mean we need to download all the dinos before the package becomes visable? ( just double checking )

The thing is that this already happens on a smaller case, so less often aswell but if this is the only downside togheter with the ones i named i personally think that the benefits outweight the downsides. All you would need to do is include the take the dinos away from ark transfer if you want your package ( p.s. arent dino and item transfer packages something different? If so there shouldnt be any issues regarding uploading dinos except when you get an dino replacement then yes one would need to download all dinos or some to make the replacement visable )

No rush though :)

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would this mean we need to download all the dinos before the package becomes visable

That is indeed what you need to do. If items, dinos or characters are uploaded into your tribute inventory nothing can be delivered. You'll receive a notification that your tribute inventory is full, in the meantime the system keeps checking for when it's empty. The moment it's empty it gets delivered.

We have discussed your suggestions to remove the timer. But we feel like it changes the game to much. The tribute inventory is meant to transfer your dinos from one server to another. If you store dinos in there it's more like removing them from the game and storing them on a safe place.
We agree that it's good to have a look into the render lag but we think storing dinos into the tribute inventory isn't the right solution for it.

The 48 hour timer is something we still need to discuss and I'll come back to that :)

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