Aberration Day and Night Timers

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If I’m miss informed on this I apologize. But it’s my understanding the the champion servers have the time of days set so day goes by slower than normal and nighttime faster.

With the way the surface of aberration is would it be possible to make aberrations night timer tick at the standard rate so that we could realistically explore the content?

I know that on aberration the time of day in game cycles from day 90% / night 10% to 50/50 to 10/90 so it no realistic to go up top when it’s on a 10% night cycle but the 50/50 should last a little longer at night in my opinion. Also light and dark are major issues for this expansion and they have given us some cool toys and pets to mitigate it so a longer night in the rest of the map shouldn’t be an issue

Thank you for taking this into consideration

Izulude / Mosph

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Hi Mosph!

That is correct, days are longer, nights shorter.

But a coincidence here cauce we talked about this yesterday :).
We are going to set the day/night cycle normal for Aberration (not for Ragnarok) cause the timer changes in the DLC itself. With the changed timer like it's right now makes it harder to acces the surface based on the 50/50 or 10/90.

So great suggestion! And we are going to change Aberrationto the normal timers :)

Thanks again for your ideas!

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I changed the info on the rate page: https://championark.com/page/899-rate-rules

And i'm probably going to restart the Aberration server tomorrow morning to activate the normal rates.