Minor Foundation Spamming

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How do I go about having someone remove foundations they placed around/near my house so that I am unable to build out any further? I assume they are online different time than I am.

I was away for the weekend due to the hurricanes and upon my return there are now single foundations strewn around the lake I was building at.

I am on the Ragnarok Builder server.

Updated to add that I was told to try to contact them via email here on the site. Email sent 9/12/2017 1658.

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Do you have your Coordinates or the lake name so I can take a look?

You can also use the inspector to send a message to the person.

Foundation spamming is against rules.

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The location is called Knuffle Lake. I am unsure on the coordinates. Two of the foundations have been removed. Two remain. Hopefully we will not be competing for room.

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i wasnt spawning foundations, i was just leveling up and start looking for terrain to build, i forgot to demolish them... why dont even ask me first? :S

btw, i demolished in the morning some that i found and was looking for another place to build, i wasnt even thinking on spawning foundations or even stay on that place

come on, at least give me the word or chance to remove them, i dont have time anymore to play all day and be on like 24/7

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Ziim, You were temporarily banned while we looked into this matter. Please remember the rules for the Ragnarok server.

  • No mass land grab.
  • No Pillar/foundation spamming.
  • No massive bases (use common sense).
  • Raiding isn't allowed.
  • Only 1 Tribe base and 1 Personal outpost is allowed (base is defined by a set of buildings with a wall surrounding them, an outpost is one building).
  • Absolutely no destroying other creations.

We also want to keep all Champion Ark servers a fun place to play. Toxic behaviour will not be tolerated.