Join us and represent Champion Ark for our first ever Public SotF event.

We'll battle in teams of 2 players, multiple teams from one tribe is allowed (only working together isn't). Leave a comment on the forum if you need a team mate and otherwise just join the event, often more people join without a team mate. It will be fun! :)

Every SotF team should operate alone, so no teaming up with other teams when the match is running!

The first round will start at:
Sunday 22:00 CEST
Sunday 16:00 EDT
Monday 05:30 ACST

We'll open the lobby 30 min before we start!

Make sure you're on time, we'll wait a maximum of 15 minutes before we start the first round

How to join

Make sure you have ARK SotF installed. This is a free game and can be found in the STEAM shop.
Start SotF and search for 'champion' in the unofficial list to find the server.

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