We have a set of very simple rules which apply to everybody on both servers

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of racisme, homophobic or excessive trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting + you will be reported for a VAC (steam-wide ban).

What we expect from you:

  • Keep the game enjoyable for others. Remind your fellow survivors about this.
  • Pick somebody of your own size. Help the new survivors, don't raid them. If you take on a big tribe, this does not apply.
  • Don't block access to public places with buildings, turrets, or dinos. Public places include: important resource spots (i.e. the vulcano), Spawn points, Obelisks, and Artifact caves. Drops and Explorer notes are NOT protected spaces. If in doubt, it is probably protected.
  • Clean up after yourself.

Fighting & Raiding:

  • Don't destroy peoples work while raiding and in general. If you want to steal from them, take only what you need. Advice: leave your chests unlocked so there is no need to destroy them in a raid.

  • DBAD (Don't be a Dodo)

  • If a tribe is causing to much trouble for others, all their accounts will be banned.

  • If you want to report somebody or have questions about the rules, feel free to contact us. We recommend sending an e-mail for reporting via helpdesk. We will keep you up to date about the progress of your report.

Special rules for the Ragnarok PvE builder server

  • No mass land grab
  • No Pillar/foundation spamming
  • No massive bases (use common sense)
  • Raiding isn't allowed
  • Only 1 Tribe base and 1 Personal outpost is allowed (base is defined by a set of buildings with a wall surrounding them, an outpost is one building).
  • Absolutely no destroying other creations.

Violations are treated on a case by case basis. Temporary bans can and will be given so that the admins have time to investigate.